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On Spiritual Integrity

Is it curious to you that on the highest holiday of the Jewish year, when one is asked to fast that the Hebrew scriptures read on that day admonish one against fasting?  Let’s explore the meaning behind this interesting and profound teaching.  What fast do … read more.

Welcoming the Impossible

We continue our exploration of “welcome” as our Soul Matters Theme for the month of September.  We also begin our annual cycle of honoring the Jewish High Holidays.  The Story of the promise of the birth of Isaac to the elderly Sarah and her husband Abraham … read more.

What’s So Radical About Welcome?

Welcome to Fall!!! As we return from our summer sojourns we pause this Sunday to consider what makes welcoming such a radical act in this day and age.  Given the current state of the world and our communities, where so many continue to feel marginalized … read more.