Celebrating our Religious Exploration Program

The Childcare Space at UUCW (0-4 years)

In The Childcare Space, our little ones listen to stories, sing songs, and have fun playing with their friends. Read more here.

Elementary Age (gr k-4)

Using materials from Soul Matters and Learning Justice curricula, children explore topics such as Belonging, Courage, Vulnerability, Resistance and Creativity. Each week’s gathering includes a chalice lighting, check-in, story, discussion, activity, and closing words. We encourage children to explore their own big questions:  Who am I? What do I believe? What do I choose to stand up for in this world?  All of our programming aligns with the principles and sources recognized by Unitarian Universalists.

Middle School (gr 5-7)

Youth in this age group will explore the same monthly themes presented to the younger group but will participate in discussions and group activities appropriate to their age range. 

The Lessons of Loss (gr 5-7)

The Lessons of Loss is a lifespan curriculum that we are offering this year to our 5th-7th grade class.  

Many of us shy away from openly acknowledging loss when it occurs, despite its universality. If we do not have a common language and comfort with looking at the inevitability of loss in our lives, we often feel isolated and abandoned which intensifies pain and grief.

Using this age-appropriate curriculum, we hope to help our children develop better strategies for facing life’s challenges.  We believe that the Religious Exploration program in our UU church is a natural place to begin these conversations and nurture questions and feelings.

  • Life is a journey
  • Sometimes it’s ok to hurt
  • It’s important to say goodbye
  • You are part of me; I am part of you
  • How other cultures remember their loved ones
  • Candles of memory / memory quilt / memorial service

Schedule: Sunday classes & field trips- funeral home, cemetery, memorial garden.

Coming of Age (gr 7 and 8) offered every other year.
Next offering: September 2023

The UUCW Coming of Age program is a Unitarian Universalist rite of passage experience which incorporates self-reflection, team building, mentored learning, challenges, interaction with our UU community, outreach, and fun.  By the end of the COA year, each participant will be able to answer questions that are true to themselves:  Who Am I?  What Do I Care About?  What Do I Believe?  What Do I Want to Stand Up for In the World?

Our Coming of Age program is this congregation’s gift to our young teens. This special year requires a necessary commitment to the program: participants agree to regularly attend class, outings, and be involved in COA projects.  Most classes will be on Sundays during the service and/or directly following coffee hour.  Mentors are matched with teens and group activities are held approximately once a month after church.

Our Whole Lives (OWL) Human Sexuality Curriculum (teen gr 8-9)

OWL is designed to help children gain the knowledge, life principles, and skills they need to express their sexuality in life enhancing ways. This curriculum is an expression of the belief that religious communities, community organizations, and schools can form meaningful partnerships with parents to provide positive and responsible sexuality education.

Read the RE Program pamphlet here. For more information, contact Robin Mitzcavitch, Director of Religious Exploration and Education.