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On Interdependence

by Rev. Aaron Payson

This month’s Soul Matter’s Theme is “Interdependence.” There has been a lot of talk, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic about the fate of religious communities in our country.  We’ve seen many religious communities close in the past few years and … read more.

The Patchword Buddhist

by Laura K. Secor

Even people who possess only a passing acquaintance with Buddhism have generally heard of the “Eightfold Path”.  In case that’s as far as your acquaintance takes you, this is where the Buddha laid out a step-by-step method of evolving beyond suffering.

These … read more.

Winter Potpourri Sunday – February 4, 2024

What is Potpourri Sunday?

Potpourri Sunday is an opportunity for those attending worship to engage each other in dialogue and conversation about programs and opportunities for service and social support throughout the church year. During the service participants are invited to attend any … read more.