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Summer Services & RE? Yes!

Summer Services to Explore Ethics & Unitarian Universalism

We are delighted to announce our 2020 Summer Service Program to be held on Sunday mornings beginning July 5 and continuing through September 6.

Our own Sheri Linn has agreed to coordinate this year’s Summer Service Program and continues … read more.

Turning Points

Laura K. Secor

Hello my friends,

How different the landscape appears, compared to this time a month ago!  Last month I wrote about the most abstract of Buddhist principles, encouraging everyone to set aside for a few minutes their involvement in the world.  This month, involvement in … read more.

Something for Everyone / Ways to Help

Something for Everyone

Laura K. Secor

Hello my friends,

Normally I would be writing about the influx of birds, the yellow forsythia, the knobby little buds appearing on the trees. Leaving the windows open, the pleasure in that most miraculous ordinary, the return of life after a bleak … read more.

I See You / Ways to Help

I See You

Robin Mitzcavitch, Director of Religious Exploration

I have noticed so much giving, so much generosity. It has come forth from the least of us, the ones with the least amount of time, resource, and wealth. It has also been handed out again and again … read more.

Where Are We Going?

Where Are We Going?

Rev. Aaron Payson

“Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? Mystery. Mystery. Life is a riddle and a mystery.”

(“Where Do We Come From?” by Brian Tate, from Singing the Journey: A Supplement to Singing the Living Tradition)

With the … read more.