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What Does Civic Engagement Mean To Me?

by Beth Posner-Waldron

Civic engagement, to me, means being involved with what is going on in my community and the country. My goal is to be involved and try to make a difference for the betterment of all.  Civic Engagement means putting my faith into … read more.

UUCW Budget & Income Sources

by Dave Schowalter Stewardship Team

Wait… Something from the Stewardship Team in September??  I thought we didn’t talk about money until March! 

Here on the Stewardship Team we want to talk about money all the time! Today, it is where the church’s operating money comes … read more.

Creation is Always Beginning

by Laura K. Secor

Hello Friends,
Welcome back to the newest season of the UUCW! It fills me with warmth to resume our community. We had a pleasant summer, with all the wonderful heat and sunshine, but it was a sort of lonely summer for me. … read more.

Welcome Back! Fall 2021

by Rev. Aaron Payson

Rev. Aaron Payson () UUCW Lead Minister, Robin Mitzcavitch () UUCW Director Religious Exploration, and UUCW Music Director, Dr. Matthew Johnsen (), share a welcome to Fall 2021 talking about this year’s theme “Repairing the World” and … read more.