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Stewardship Update – March 31, 2021

by Moira Rouse, Stewardship Team

Photo credit to Uwe Bressem, Berlin, Germany

Maskman and Robin serve our congregation and the community of Woo City.  But our spiritual triumph over Apathy has global consequences:  Seen here in the Sprengelkiez district of Berlin the call went out for … read more.

On Mystery

by Laura K. Secor

This week’s entry is a quote from the Touchstone materials for “Mystery”

Oh Divine Spirit by Rev. Tess Baumberger 

     Oh Divine Spirit,
healer of our hurts,
consoler of our sorrows,
vibrant light of happiness,
birther of all life
and gentle way of death,
hear our prayer.
We raise our hearts … read more.

Growing Up

by Robin Mitzcavitch, Director of Religious Exploration & Education

It has been a year since we shut down our in-person Religious Exploration programming and church services due to the pandemic.

It’s kind of hard to believe! 

Initially, we were going to just struggle through those next few … read more.

On Respect & Exhaustion

by Rev. Aaron Payson

Our puppy, Sophie, now 18 weeks old has thoroughly enjoyed her jaunts in our snow-filled yard.  She races from one end to the other in a figure eight that speaks of the ecstasy of being alive.  That puppy energy has also … read more.

Stewardship Video Update – Buildings & Grounds – February 24, 2021

by David Schowalter, Stewardship Team

David Schowalter of the UUCW Stewardship Team gives an update and overview of expenses and projects related to Buildings & Grounds @ UUCW.  For more information contact .

Thinking Beyond the Binary

by Laura K. Secor

Hello my friends,

As you may recall, in the early days of the pandemic my teenager announced that they were non-binary, and preferred that we use “they/them” pronouns when talking about them. This led to a few months that would have been … read more.

Love is Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

by Robin Mitzcavitch, Director of Religious Exploration & Education

 I don’t agree with this statement.  

In my life, in my dearest relationships, saying, “I’m sorry”  has been necessary in order to maintain those relationships.  For me, love can give you the strength and courage to … read more.