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by Moira Rouse, Stewardship Team

Last weekend our building bustled with people and activities: food pantry before the holiday, a dinner and evening to connect people and generations, Sunday service with an expanding new member ceremony, fellowship hour bolstered by birthday cake and other leftovers … read more.

Science is the New Religion

by Laura K. Secor

Alan Watts describes the Tao with the adjective “fluid.”  This word, fluid, can mean so many things.  Fluid is a specific word for the way liquids flow, although they flow in a hundred different ways, each as characteristic as the gait … read more.

On Generosity

by Rev. Aaron Payson

In a world aflame with so much conflict, we pause to consider what ethic is required of us individually and communally to meet the challenge of this moment in our history. Keeping with this month’s Soul Matters Theme, generosity, … read more.

The Tao and Water

by Laura K. Secor

Hello my UU friends,

Samhain is upon us. I was in Salem yesterday, and the witchy costumes, spiderweb leggings and green lipstick were out in full force. It is a strange juxtaposition, isn’t it, this celebration of the thinning of the veil … read more.

On Heritage

by Rev. Aaron Payson

“Many of the conflicts we are currently embroiled in are rooted in ancestral misunderstandings. We are trying to break the future out of cages some of our ancestors constructed, and we are still caught in the power dynamics of … read more.