UUCW offers a variety of services to assist its members and friends.

The Pastoral Care Team works closely with the Minister to offer pastoral care in response to illness, infirmity, death of a family member, or other life-changing circumstances. Our Minister invites members and friends to discuss any issue related to life-planning; he has the ability to assist in the creation of end-of-life documents, health-care proxies, and other means to document concerns or instructions in case of emergencies.

The Connections Team at UUCW is a hospitality ministry of the congregation that greets members and friends at Worship, follows up with newcomers who have questions or request information, provides introductory experiences to the congregation and the Unitarian Universalist movement, and maintains contact with all members and active participants in the congregation to encourage ongoing and deepening involvement in the congregation and one’s own personal faith journey. To contact a member of the Connections Team Member email .

UUCW facilitates many additional groups to assist members and friends including an Accessibility task-force, Religious Exploration Program for children and youth, Small Group Ministries Program, Committee on Right Relations, Worship and Music Arts Team, Summer Sunday Worship Team, Safety Team, and many more.  For more information on any of these groups please contact .