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This congregation has a long history of service to the larger communities of Central Massachusetts and across the country.  Our covenant of right relations includes a common commitment to foster “social justice and positive transformation in our community and in the world at large.”  This commitment is born out of our mission to “inspire people to take on the challenges of a changing world.”

As a congregation, we are particularly committed to ministries that address issues of hunger, homelessness and the plight of new arrivals (refugees and asylum seekers) in our community.  In addition, through our Siding with Love Task Force, we continue to challenge each other and our community to consider ways in which we are a product of cultures of white privilege and supremacy, as well as issues related to the erosion of our democratic institutions.

This congregation was the first in the area to be officially designated “welcoming” for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex friends and members. A few years ago, we engaged in a year-long process of recertification for this designation.  Through our accessibilities team, we also continue to learn more ways to be welcoming to people with a variety of physical, mental, and behavior challenges. 

In addition to the Climate Justice and Refugee & Immigration Teams already formed at UUCW, we are currently forming an Anti-Racism Team. 

Our Religious Exploration Program for children and youth engages our youngest in activities that encourage compassion, understanding, and service in our community and world.  Mission trips to homeless programs in Maine and Maryland, as well as local efforts to meet the needs of those who are systematically marginalized provide life-transforming experiences for all those involved in such efforts.  Additionally, our RE Program includes a series of opportunities for our children and youth to explore “Our Whole Lives” a faith-based human sexuality training program that encourages positive body images, safe relationship building, decision-making, and sexual health and wholeness.

We do not do any of this alone.  This congregation is proud to partner with a host of community organizations that provide needed services and support through a variety of efforts.  Through our monthly 50/50 collections, members and friends contribute to the fiscal well-being of these organizations as well as providing needed volunteer resources throughout the year.  See below for a list of our current community ally organizations.

If you are interested in any of the social action/justice programs at UUCW and want more information, please contact our office.