photo of Matt Johnsen, our Music Director

Our Music Director

Matthew Johnsen is the Music Director of UUCW and directs the choir. His personal mission is helping people to recognize their own gifts: to both literally and figuratively help them find their voices in the company of others. He has been a church musician performing in churches in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and North Carolina since he was 18. He has served as music director at UUCW for a decade. He studied music at Dartmouth College, Peabody Conservatory, and the Hochschule fur Musik in Vienna. For 10 years, he directed the Master Singers To Go in Worcester, MA.

  • Close-up of choir members singing during a service
  • Flutist Mara Pentlarge performs with the UUCW choir
  • Matt Bejune plays French horn during an Easter Sunday service
  • Guest musician Jim Scott performs during a Sunday service.

The UUCW Choir

The UUCW Choir is open to anyone with an interest in singing and a willingness to join us in our rehearsals and performances. Our goal is to bring people together to create great music in an atmosphere of creativity, equality and respect. We seek to enhance and enrich the worship at UUCW by performing music that deepens the experience of the congregation. We perform music from a wide range of genres, including classical, contemporary, chants, folk, popular, and pieces from musical theater. We strive to integrate music into the service in a seamless way.

We have a warm and welcoming group of singers and we welcome you to join our community of musicians. We rehearse in the UUCW SANCTUARY on THURSDAY NIGHTS from 7-8:30 pm and on SUNDAY MORNINGS from 9:00-9:45 pm. We perform as part of the regularly scheduled services of UUCW which occur on SUNDAY MORNINGS from 10 AM to about 11:15 AM. Typically, the choir provides music at two to three services a month.

In the coming church year, the choir is scheduled to sing at several special services:

THANKSGIVING on SUNDAY: During this service, we join with other choirs from the local area and contribute our own music while also having an opportunity to sing in a massed choir.

VESPERS on SUNDAY: During this service, typically the best attended service of the year, our choir often grows to include those who love to sing but are not able to make a yearlong commitment to the choir. We welcome people who are interested in singing for the Vespers service to begin coming to rehearsals in early December and the subsequent SUNDAY and THURSDAY rehearsals in December.

CHRISTMAS EVE: 7 PM: This service typically features a number of solos by musicians in the congregation and a pickup choir that assembles to perform the music of the night. If you are interested in performing, please talk with Matt Johnsen.

MUSIC SUNDAY, usually in February: The music program will lead the service completely during this service. We expect to have a wonderful program of inspiring music and hope to be accompanied by a small ensemble of musicians.

GOOD FRIDAY: This is another service done in conjunction with other churches (and choirs) in the area.

EASTER SUNDAY: This is another service that is a highlight of the church year with a range of special music planned.

Not sure if you want to join us? Please come to a Sunday rehearsal at 9 AM and give it a try.  Each rehearsal begins with warm-ups and then we learn and rehearse the music that we are performing during that week and coming weeks. Even if you are not sure what voice part you sing, please come, and we will help you find your voice! Please give it a try. We would love to have you join us. If you play an instrument, and would like to offer your services, please contact Matt.