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Follow The Stewardship Road 2020 – 2021

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108 Pledges were made by 107 Family Pledge Units

  • 47 maintained the amount pledged last year, for a total of $96,816.  These include 2 pledges of zero.
  • 41 increased beyond their prior year pledge, for a total of $87,756 and
  • 19 decreased below the prior year pledge, for a total of $13,795.  These include 3 pledges of zero.

We met 82.5% of our original stewardship goal of $250,000 despite a global pandemic and economic crisis and slightly exceeded last year’s total!

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2020 Stewardship Drive Brochure – read the details of our stewardship drive.

The annual Pledge Drive currently runs from February through April. This timing equips our Board of Directors to financially plan for the next church season. We welcome new pledges and pledge amount changes throughout the year when your circumstances change. Contact The Stewardship Team to make a pledge.

Electronic-Donations – read this to learn how to make a donation online

Stewardship Drive Q & As

What is a pledge?

A pledge is a promise to make a contribution to the church. The total amount pledged by everyone is used by the Church leaders to plan the programs and set a budget for the next fiscal year.

Who should pledge?

Our goal is to obtain a pledge from 100% of the members and active nonmembers of the congregation. This goal is based on fundamental fairness. We are a community of people with a vision. We understand we cannot achieve our vision alone. We rely on each other.

How much should I pledge?

We understand everyone’s financial means are different. In order to successfully pursue our vision, we would like first-time pledgers to consider pledging 2% of their adjusted gross income.

Why do we need your pledge?

Our staff salary levels continue to be below Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Guidelines. We did not make our fair contribution to the UUA and the District last year and we continue to struggle to fund our basic programs. We hope to prevent this from happening again by making people aware that we need pledges from everyone.