chalice image for 8th principle

We covenant to affirm and promote: journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.

For background on the origin and purpose of the 8th Principle, please visit:

Members of the UUCW 8th Principle Taskforce:

  • Rachel Keyo
  • Mara Pentlarge
  • David Schowalter
  • Karen Stephenson
  • Evan Wilson

Have you had an experience of racism or unconscious bias, from the giving or receiving perspective?  The 8th Principle Taskforce wants you to share your story (approximately 5 minutes) with the intention to raise awareness about systemic racism in our society.  These stories will be shared during services, which are now recorded, so your narrative may be read anonymously, if you prefer.  You can submit your stories by completing this form. Please let us know if you have any questions at .

Accomplishments for Accountability:

  • Conducted a survey among Members of our congregation.
  • Held Listening Sessions to create safe spaces for individuals to discuss the 8th Principle, racism, other oppressions.
  • Held a picnic to discuss the play “The Niceties”. We circulated the link for our congregation to watch then met with Members of the congregation to discuss opinions and thoughts on the play. (
  • Networked with other congregations that have adopted or are working towards adopting the 8th Principle.
  • Joined the 8th Principle UU Learning Community, led by the drafters/founders of the 8th Principle.
  • Held a Summit, where we invited the leaders of each group and ministry within our Church to learn more about the 8th Principle and to provide resources and support, along with suggestions on how to serve all of our members and community better.

Goals for Accountability:

  • Develop a toolkit that can offer UUCW groups and ministry some resources to support their work and to incorporate an anti-racist and anti-oppressive lens to their work.
  • Create a monthly discussion group with members of our congregation.
  • Offer the “Knotty Conversations” curriculum developed by the UUA to help congregations navigate the challenges of dismantling white supremacy in and with their congregations.
  • Include “8th Principle Moments”, which are testimonies from Members of our congregation that have had an experience of racism or unconscious bias, they would like to share, with the intention to raise awareness about systemic racism in our society. These stories (5 minute segments) are shared during a service, which can be read anonymously, if preferred.