photo of UU church of worcester
UU Church of Worcester, 90 Holden St., Worcester

We Have Space for Your Group!

UUCW has rental space for weddings, receptions, concerts, small group meetings, luncheons, and more. We are located in the northern part of Worcester and accessible from the interstates (I-190 and I-290). The congregation is handicap accessible and LGBTQ welcoming. The entire building is wi-fi accessible. Parking is included in our rental fees unless the parking lot is the only space being rented.
Contact the church office for arrangements.

UUCW Fees for Rental Spaces

Entire Church

  • $250 [members: negotiable]

Fellowship Hall

Newly redecorated Fellowship Hall at UUCW
Newly redecorated Fellowship Hall at UUCW
Newly redecorated library area in Fellowship Hall at UUCW
Fellowship Hall
  • First three hours: $100 [members: $65]
  • Extra hours: $25/hr (up to $100) for the public and members
  • Capacity: up to 140 people depending on setup
  • Dimensions of Fellowship Hall: 45′ X 38′ (1710 sq ft)


photo of uucw sanctuary from rear showing pews
  • First three hours: $100 [members: $65]
  • Extra hours: $25/hr (up to $100) for public and members
  • Capacity: up to 200 people
  • Dimensions of sanctuary: 79′ X 40′ (3160 sq ft)

The use of the sanctuary is restricted to events of a religious, educational, or cultural nature.

Parking lot (outside event only)

church parking lot available for rental
  • $50 [members: $35]


  • $50 [members: $35]
  • Dimensions of kitchen: 28′ X 16′ (448 sq ft)


  • $50 [members: $35]
  • Capacity: up to 40 people depending on set up
  • Dimensions of lounge: 35′ X 20′ (700 sq ft)
  • There are two bathrooms off the lounge


Nursery room with colorful floor & toys
  • $25 [members: $25]

Meeting Rooms

  • $25 [members: $25]
  • Capacity: 8-10 people/each
  • There are three meeting rooms available.
  • Dimensions of meeting rooms: 18′ X 15′; 16′ X 15′; 16′ X 15′

UUCW Fees for Staff Services

  • Minister’s fee* (weddings, memorials, child dedications): $300 [members: $0]
  • Pianst fee for wedding or memorial: $100-200 [members: $0]
  • Organist fee for wedding rehearsal: $50 [members: $0]
  • Janitorial Fee (additional cleanup): $50

* The minister’s fee is negotiable.

Interested in Renting Space?

Contact the church office to make arrangements.