2023-2024 Board of Management

President:     Sheri Linn
Clerk:            Sue Neaz
Treasurer:     Michele Hernandez
Members at Large:  Vickie Cox-Lanyon, Cathy McDonagh, Melissa McKeon, Tom Pierce, Mikala Turner-Clarke, Evan Wilson 

The Board of Management’s Minutes and Reports for the past two years are available online.

Congregational polity is the phrase used to describe the system of governance whereby the local congregation owns and manages the assets of the congregation, calls or hires its professional religious leadership and staff, as well as determines its core mission and ministries.  As a self-governing congregation, we have a Constitution and Bylaws. While UUCW is a member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association, it remains solely responsible for maintaining and growing its mission and ministries.

UUCW is governed by the election of a Board of Management which includes an executive team of President, President-Elect (in the years when that position is filled), Clerk, and Treasurer.  Members at large round out the Board.  The Minister is an ex-officio member of the Board.

The Board meets monthly to deliberate on matters of policy, to monitor progress toward fulfilling the mission and ministries of the congregation, to provide financial oversight through proposing and monitoring a budget passed annually by the congregation and making certain the congregation is adequately protected and in compliance with various regulatory requirements and practices proscribed by the local ordinances, state law, and insurance providers.