Category: Nugget

To Savor or Save

by Rev. Aaron Payson

Below are the words of my friend and colleague Richard Gilbert who quotes E.B. White that are my cause for pause this week as we look toward the turning of the seasons and opportunities to experience the world in ways … read more.

Invocation for Ukraine

by Rev. Aaron Payson

On Tuesday, March 1, representatives of the City of Worcester, Massachusetts Federal and State Delegation, and local clergy representing a spectrum of more than a dozen faith traditions, including our own Rev. Cheryl Leshay, gathered with a crowd of 60 … read more.

A Health Related Pause

by Director of Music Matthew Johnsen

I wanted to share some news that is a bit unsettling, and ask for your support.

Recently, I have been diagnosed with heart problems.  My physicians have advised that I should have heart surgery, which will necessitate a fairly … read more.

COVID Confidential

by Robin Mitzcavitch, Director of Religious Exploration & Education

It’s probably not just me, but sometimes I feel like it is. How am I “supposed” to be as we continue into another season of COVID? I read a lot of articles. Revelations. Old news. … read more.

Stewardship Notes

by Moira Rouse, UUCW Stewardship Team

As past Nuggets have said, we on the Stewardship Team like to clarify the relationship between your money and our congregation every so often (archives here).  David Schowalter wrote many recent Nuggets because he is great at … read more.