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On Creativity

Rev. Aaron Payson

The Soul Matters theme for the month of June is creativity, a word which comes to us from the Latin word “Creatus”, meaning to make, bring forth, produce, procreate, beget, or cause.  A word related to another Latin word “crescere”, meaning … read more.

Ways to Help

People are wondering what they can do in these times. I know I do. How can I help? What can I do that is in line with my values, my financial situation, my desire to stay home yet still help? Here are some places to … read more.

Introducing Pronoun Pins & Ribbons

Introducing Pronoun Pins & Ribbons

In our continuing efforts as a Welcoming Congregation for LGBTQI members and friends, we are delighted to offer pronoun pins and ribbons for the congregation to add to their nametags. This is an easy way to let people know your preferred … read more.