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On Interdependence

by Rev. Aaron Payson This month’s Soul Matter’s Theme is “Interdependence.” There has been a lot of talk, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic about the fate of religious communities in our country.  We’ve seen many religious communities close in the past few years and others are struggling to find professional religious leadership.   For me, the clearest … Continue reading On Interdependence

Stewardship Update: “It comes in real handy down here.”

by David Schowalter & Moira Rouse, Stewardship Team Excerpt from “It’s a Wonderful Life,” when George meets Clarence, the angel: As of this writing, our Wonderful Church has raised $160,544, or 71% of our goal of $226,000 for this year’s pledge drive towards next year’s church budget.  We are just beginning to contact those of … Continue reading Stewardship Update: “It comes in real handy down here.”

On Creativity

Rev. Aaron Payson The Soul Matters theme for the month of June is creativity, a word which comes to us from the Latin word “Creatus”, meaning to make, bring forth, produce, procreate, beget, or cause.  A word related to another Latin word “crescere”, meaning to arise, be born, increase and grow.  So, to be creative … Continue reading On Creativity

Spring Holidays and UUCW

Robin Mitzcavitch, Director of Religious Exploration & Education It is with joy that we got to share all of our wisdom about spring religious holidays with our Religious Exploration Children.  We did this by viewing a wonderful video made by our own Vickie Cox-Lanyon and then having some discussion and crafting time. We then celebrated … Continue reading Spring Holidays and UUCW

Stewardship Update

David Schowalter & The Stewardship Team Thanks to prompt responses from so many in the congregation to our solicitation on Stewardship Sunday at the beginning of the month, as of this writing we have $152,359 pledged for the 2023-2024 church year!  This is excellent progress towards our goal of over $211,000.  Kudos to all who … Continue reading Stewardship Update

Ways to Help

People are wondering what they can do in these times. I know I do. How can I help? What can I do that is in line with my values, my financial situation, my desire to stay home yet still help? Here are some places to start: Start Here at Home – at UUCWDon’t forget to … Continue reading Ways to Help