Stewardship Update

David Schowalter & The Stewardship Team

Thanks to prompt responses from so many in the congregation to our solicitation on Stewardship Sunday at the beginning of the month, as of this writing we have $152,359 pledged for the 2023-2024 church year!  This is excellent progress towards our goal of over $211,000.  Kudos to all who have pledged by our requested deadline of March 26.

Starting this week, with help from the Connections Team, we plan to start reaching out individually to members and friends who have not yet pledged.  Communication is a crucial element in the stewardship campaign and pledging process.  The Stewardship Team has been making an effort to ensure that outgoing communication is a year-round process.  Incoming communication and dialogue are also very important to us, and so we welcome hearing from everyone, whether you have pledged yet or not.  If you have concerns about pledging or finances, we would love to have an open yet confidential discussion with you.  If you have any concerns about the stewardship campaign process, or church business, we would also be happy to talk to you–if we don’t know the answers to your questions, we can easily find out who does.  

Of course, if pledging has simply slipped your attention, please don’t hesitate to pledge today!  

We look forward to talking to you!


The Stewardship Team

Nancy Baffa
Moira Rouse
Dave Schowalter