Stewardship Update – March 31, 2021

by Moira Rouse, Stewardship Team

Photo credit to Uwe Bressem, Berlin, Germany

Maskman and Robin serve our congregation and the community of Woo City.  But our spiritual triumph over Apathy has global consequences:  Seen here in the Sprengelkiez district of Berlin the call went out for support!  Let your response be heard.

Our congregation is part of a global Unitarian Universalist Association, and needs to increase toward paying our Fair Share Dues amount for the support we receive.  The voice we contribute to social, economic, racial, and environmental justice will be heard by our friends and associates everywhere, many of whom will join the global chorus.   

Make a joyful noise and pledge today!

Contact me if you have any questions.  Thank you!

Moira Rouse