Speaker: Rev. Aaron Payson

Toying With Our Future

As we honor Earth Day we consider the cost of pleasure on the environment.  Studies over the past few years show an alarming statistic that more and more plastic, including rising rates of plastic toys are being found in our world’s oceans and ingested by sea … read more.

Opening to the Unexpected

Join us as we honor the graduating group from this year’s Adult Coming of Age Program as they share with us thoughts and insights from this novel program at UUCW.  Like our Coming of Age Class graduations, we’ll hear from program participants and leaders about … read more.

Aflame & Afloat

This Sunday we honor the anniversary of the birth of British/American Unitarian minister Joseph Priestly who is credited with identifying oxygen and whose lab and home were burned by a riotous crowd who spurned his liberal theology and support for the French Revolution.  Priestly also … read more.

On Symbolic Belonging

On this St. Patrick’s Day we pause to consider what it means to celebrate this holiday and to honor the Irish heritage of this country and across the world.  How do we relate to cultures that are part of our own or distinct and yet … read more.

Fasting for Freedom

We honor the onset of Ramadan this Sunday and explore the often-forgotten history of Muslims enslaved in the Americas. What might we learn from this history about fasting as a form of rebellion and a commentary on human agency amidst the worst kind of oppression? … read more.