Speaker: Rev. Aaron Payson

A Christmas Carol Revised

Our biggest service of the year to celebrate the Winter Holidays!  Join members and friends as we sing carols, hear the wonderful music of our choir and soloists, and have a ruckus good time!  Those attending are encouraged to dress to celebrate the season including holiday … read more.

How Will We Kindle Our Lights?

Our Annual celebration of Hannukah marks an important time in the year as we consider the mystical significance of light and our role as bearers of light in a world that often seems dark and dangerous. 

… read more.

Peace, Patience, and Mystery

The Christian Mystic, Meister Eckhart writes, “What does it avail me if this birth takes place unceasingly and yet does not take place within myself?  It is quite fitting, however, that it should take place within me.” During this time of sacred anticipation when … read more.

For This Precious Day

“We give thanks for this precious day, all gathered here, and those far away.  For the time we share, will love and care, we give thanks for this precious day.” Words we sing at this time of year bring us again to this moment of … read more.

Lighting the Path of Return!

This Sunday we honor the confluence of two holidays, the civil celebration of Veteran’s Day and the start of the Hindu festival of Diwali.  At the nexus of these two celebrations is the experience of the warrior returning home and the communities which await their return … read more.

Generously Alive!

We begin the month of November remembering the power and possibility of generosity.  What does it really mean to be generous?  How does generosity meet the challenges of this era and time?  How shall we be in response to a world in crisis?  What does … read more.

Walking With Those Who Have Gone Before

As we honor the season of Samhain and Halloween, we pause to consider the opportunities and challenges afforded us when we are conscious of the closeness of our ancestors and how we navigate and honor those relationships.  Halloween activities and Trunk or Treat will add … read more.