Members of the UUCW make a yearly financial pledge to support the work of the Church. We hold a Stewardship Campaign each winter to gather the support of the congregation in the form of an annual household pledge.  We also accept pledges and donations online through SimpleGive – click here to pledge.

What is a pledge? A pledge is a promise to make a contribution to the church. The total amount pledged by everyone is used by the Church leaders to plan the programs and set a budget for the next fiscal year.

coins, bills and checks in the collection plate

Who should pledge? Our goal is to obtain a pledge from 100% of the members and active friends of the congregation. This goal is based on fundamental fairness. We are a community of people with a vision. We understand we cannot achieve our vision alone. We rely on each other.

How much should I pledge? We understand people’s financial means vary. In order to successfully pursue our vision, we would like first-time pledgers to consider pledging 2% of their adjusted gross income.

Why do we need the money? The money supports the staff, building, and programs that we all value.

Pie chart graphic showing UUCW budgetOur Revenue Sources: As the graph to the left shows, the most sizable portion of our annual budget is dependent on the generosity and consideration of our active members and friends. In addition, thanks to the stewardship of our Investment Committee, we are able to rely on $15,026 of portfolio income for operating expenses this year and hope to increase the income from investments to $17,000 for FY2016. Our building and grounds continue to be a center of activity for the neighborhood and community at large. Because of this we were able to rely on $8800 of income from rentals in FY2015. There are already plans in the works for increasing regular rentals for next year, with the goal of breaking the $10,000 mark. Sunday morning and Soulful Sundown Vespers offerings are below the expected $6850 this year. We now provide a spectrum of electronic means for people to contribute to the church and we hope that this will invite participation in our weekly collection efforts, especially for those who don’t carry cash. Other income, accounting for $7300 of our FY2015 Budget, includes restricted gifts, refunds, and prior year surplus. The good news is that we raised over $9000 in other income in FY2015.