Parish Service Committee

chaliceThere are times in our lives when we need to know that someone will be there to walk beside us in life’s jour­ney. The Parish Service Committee reaches out to members and friends of the congregation who may desire personal support during times of personal crises. This work is the institutional embodiment of the pas­toral ministry of our church. We bring with us compassion, care, a listening ear, and resources made available by the congregation including transportation and meals. Confidentiality is part of the Committee’s covenant and a prerequisite for membership on the Committee.

Working with the minister, members of the Committee are networked with a wide variety of members and friends of the congregation who are dedicated to offering support:

  • When you are dealing with an illness or health concern
  • Through the different stages of your life such as job loss, divorce, a move, the arrival of a child, or retirement
  • In time of loss or death within your family or circle of friends
  • In times of personal crisis

The minister is available at or (508) 853-1942 x103 - for those in need of a visit or phone call.

Parish Service Committee Survey

We are currently seeking volunteers to assist Parish Service in its variety of ministries.  To take the survey online, please click here.  To download a copy of the survey and send it to the church click here.