What’s So Radical About Welcome?

Welcome to Fall!!! As we return from our summer sojourns we pause this Sunday to consider what makes welcoming such a radical act in this day and age.  Given the current state of the world and our communities, where so many continue to feel marginalized and maligned, we take this opportunity to answer to the pain and anger of so many by outlining the spiritual integrity inherent in liberal religion in general and Unitarian Universalism in particular that sees in the arrival of the newcomer opportunities for growth, expansion, and rejuvenation.  Welcome is the Soul Matters Theme for this month, let us begin then, with welcome.

This service is intergenerational and will be both online and in-person.  For those joining us online please feel free to bring your own water to the screen.  We will include any online comments during our water ceremony. 

Please CLICK HERE to view this week’s Order of Service.