Joys & Sorrows – Leshay Family Shiva

We were saddened to learn that Bruce Leshay’s mother, Enid Leshay, died on Saturday, January 28th, in New York.  Bruce and Cheryl will be sitting shiva at their home this Thursday thru Saturday (2/2 – 2/4).  Their house will be open for visitors from 11am until 9pm all three days.  No appointment is needed.  In Judaism, shiva is a time for comforting the grieved and reflecting on the life of the deceased.  Traditionally, people bring some food when visiting, but this is not required.  Flowers are not part of Jewish mourning tradition. The address is 321 Goodale Street, West Boylston. The house is on the corner of Goodale Street and Brooks Crossing, the driveway is on Brooks Crossing.