Garden On Team News – December 21, 2021

This is just the beginning. Please CLICK HERE for Leo’s plan for the front of the church. Work has already started on one part of this project, the Fairy Garden, for our RE children. We are beyond excited about all the possibilities ahead of us. If you would like to be a part of this adventure, email your name and phone number to  and we’ll add you to our Worker Bee List.

P.S. Last year, Leo harvested seeds from his garden and gave each team member a 50-cell tray of seeds to overwinter in our yards. Jan Cutman commented “I like the idea of individuals agreeing to ‘babysit’ a tray or two. It gives us ‘ownership’ of the process and a feeling of taking some responsibility. I still know which plants I nurtured last winter and feel a special connection to them.” The seeds from Leo’s garden made up most of the 4000 plants we planted.

Looking forward to next year, 

Garden On co-chairs:  Melissa McKeon and Leo DaSilva
Team members: Betty Jenewin, Carole Howe, Jan Cutman, Kim McCoy and Ruth Silver    

Healing nature one native plant at a time.  – Leo DaSilva