Joys & Sorrows – September 15, 2020

We were delighted to receive word of the arrival of baby Desmond, son of Eve Stutsman in late August.  Congratulations and welcome Desmond!

We were heartbroken to learn of the death of Michael Hannon (neighbor and friend of Janet Cutman) who was murdered on September 4.  Design With Nature was founded in the mid 1980’s by Mike. He was an Environmentalist/Biologist intent on helping to save the planet. He was a self-described Defender of Nature. Janet writes of her friend, “Brenda and Mike bought my neighbor’s home on Brooks Pond last May, a year ago. They could not have been happier and neither could the few of us in their immediate area when we realized what wonderful people we got as new neighbors. They LOVE this lake and knew it well. They loved that we do not have gas motors or jet skiis. They love the remoteness and peace here. They loved the home they bought – very small but well-built in the early 1990’s. They put in gardens, power-washed (needed!), stripped and painted and put on a new roof. Mike had just completed swapping out porch bars with the new wire concept – which allows one to sit on the deck and see the lake clearly. He added a huge wooden dock addition so they could sit out over the water. He got a load of wood and split it so they could heat by wood.

He was always smiling and often just there to help, like the other day, I left three boats tied to the dock, thinking I had guests coming the next day. But that did not happen, and hard rain was predicted, so I had to pull all three boats up. He saw me doing this and just appeared so he could make the job go so much easier.”

Lance McKee, now of blessed memory, is shown in this September 28, 2008 photo with his Coming of Age mentee, Jake.  (photo by Betty Jenewin)

It is with great sadness that the Office has learned of the death of Lance McKee.  Lance and Kathleen (Kathy) McKee were long-time members of UUCW who moved a few years ago to Portland, Oregon, to be closer to their daughters and families. Both the McKees were active in a variety of UUCW groups over the years.  Most recently Lance was part of the Green Team which helped the congregation envision ways of reducing our carbon foot-print.  A Memorial Service is being planned for Lance, online, on September 20 at 4 pm ET.  To register for the service visit  Lance’s family has also set up a memorial website.   

Rev. Aaron R. Payson