Garden-On Committee News – March 2, 2021

Photo by Gail Howe

Our group, Garden On, started in the spring of 2019. We had originally been tasked to upgrade the existing gardens. With the reconstruction of Shore Drive and the additional space to the church grounds, we will now have a rain garden!  

Two … read more.

Garden-On Committee News – November 10, 2020

From Carole Howe, Garden-On Committee Native Plant co-chair:

Neonicotinoids: “The Insect Apocalypse is Now, and Extinction is Forever.” (Northeast Organic Farming Associaion, NOFA)

This morning I went to Jed’s Hardware to research garden hoses for UUCW Garden-On Committee. There, I bought some daffodil bulbs. (I know they … read more.