Rocks with words such as "wisdom" and "love" printed on them

The congregation subscribes to the Touchstones Project which produces resources for the thematic integration of a congregation’s ministries and programs using annual and monthly themes.

In many ways, the Touchstones themes are a means of creating a curriculum of community. The word “curriculum” means a “course to be run.” The thematic materials help shape the “course” that the congregation “runs.”

Using resources created to enhance worship, small group ministry, religious exploration, social media, and faith in action opportunities, we invite members and friends of the congregation to grow intellectually, deepen spiritually, and act in ways that make for a more peace-filled and just world.

The Annual Theme for the 2020-2021 church year is “Deepening Connection”.  Monthly themes include: worth & dignity, emotional intelligence, spirituality, kindness, consolation & desolation, mercy, respect, mindfulness, acceptance, care for the soul, journey, and communion.

We hope these themes ground and deepen the spiritual life of congregants and friends by expanding opportunities for family-based religious exploration and a deepened spiritual focus for individuals and small groups.

You are invited to open your heart by taking these themes into your everyday life. The material in the Touchstones Journal will help facilitate this process.

Touchstones Journal, published monthly from the Mountain Desert District of the UUA, is the main resource for the monthly themes.

Each edition of Touchstones Journal offers:

  • An introduction to the theme of the month;
  • A Wisdom Story for All Ages;
  • Faith & Theology explores the theme in-depth;
  • Family Matters for use by parents and religious educators with materials on the theme
    and 2-3 activities to explore the theme with children;
  • Small-Group Discussion Guide for adults;
  • Readings from the Common Bowl (a quotation on the theme for each day of the month);
  • Contemplations (a guide to delve deeper and an invitation to receive a brief reading three days a week); and
  • A Wordle on the theme and articles, poetry, and Creative Commons licensed photos as space allows.

** The journal is available to all UUCW members. Please contact the office for the password.