New Member Ceremony, June 6th

Sunday, June 6th will be our next New Member Sunday. On New Member Sunday those who would like to become members of the congregation are invited to participate in a ceremony during the 10 am worship service during which participants sign the membership book and are welcomed formally by the congregation. Participation in this ceremony is not a requirement for membership.
Anyone who wishes to become a member may do so by inquiring with the Minister and may sign the membership book in private.

If you’d like to join the church as a member on June 6, during the 10 am Worship Service
please CLICK HERE to sign up for the ceremony.

Thoughts On Membership
We are changed by any community we choose to join. Becoming a member of UUCW is about making a commitment to support and shape this congregation; it is also about opening yourself to be shaped within the context of this community.

Why Join? Joining the church is a formal sign of commitment to our community. With it goes an understanding of both service and financial support, as you are able, to our community. It means lending your energy and talents to grow our young people, care for our elders, fight for our beliefs and passions, laugh together, cry together, and mark our transitions together. It buoys and strengthens the community-and that means each and every member to know that we share a common bond.

Membership allows you to be a voting member on concerns vital to our church community. At the Annual Meeting members vote to approve a budget, to accept new leaders, and to change by-laws affecting our governance. Historically our members have voted on important congregational questions such as whether to offer two services on Sundays, to install the rainbow window or to change the size of our Board of Management.

Have questions about joining the congregation? Please speak to  Rev. Aaron Payson.