Blessing the Backpacks, Sunday, Sept 24th – Bring Your School Backpack to Church!

picture with light blue background and a drawing of a backpack with the rainbow religous education symbol on it.  The picture reads "This Sunday, September 24, 10 am, Children, Bring your backpack! Blessing of the Backpacks.  Religious Exploration at UUCW.

BLESSING OF THE BACKPACKS!!!!  This Sunday, September 24th.
All children begin in the sanctuary with their families at 10am. This opening Sunday will be slightly different, and the kids will be dismissed after our Blessing of the Backpacks.  We ask that all children bring a backpack or a bag that they use on a daily basis to be “blessed” for the journeys ahead of them this year. We give out a little charm to remind them that their church family is here and thinking of them and will be a place to come “home to” on Sundays for rejuvenation and support.

See you Sunday!
Robin Mitzcavitch, UUCW Dir. Religious Exploration