2024 All Congregation Survey – Fill Yours Out Online!

The Committee on Right Relations, in coordination with the Board of Management, produces a periodic survey of members and friends of UUCW in order to assist in evaluating the health and challenges of the congregation.  This survey is produced every 3-4 years for this purpose.  The information gathered is kept confidential and the anonymity of individual responses is protected in the gathering of this information.  Though responses to all questions are encouraged, no response to any question is required.  Because of formatting constraints, the online version of the survey appears longer.  Please note that the survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.  If you prefer, a hard copy version will be available on Sunday at worship. Thank you for your time and consideration in completing this survey!

The Committee on Right Relations
Matt Bejune, Karen Stephenson, Jessie Trowbridge