Save the Dates! Ferry Beach Weekend Registration Is Open! – September 13 – 15, 2024


The Ferry Beach Weekend is an annual tradition for UUs from the Worcester congregations to re-congregate for a weekend of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation at the Ferry Beach Retreat Center in Saco Maine.  Join for reasonably priced dorm style accommodations or camping and four meals.  We have several traditions we revisit yearly: the polar dip, talent/no-talent show, and coffee drinking.  And every year we start new traditions and make memories together.  Join us!!  Our weekend at Ferry Beach this year is September 13-15, 2024. The prices are as follows:

Cabins $125-$380/night
Tent $35/night
Food: Four Meals (Sat BLD, Sun B)
Adult $65
Child (age 9-17)$53

The prices of the cabins, RV camping, and other selections will be evident once you click on this magic link taking you to a portal of registration splendor.   I just did this and it worked well for me.  I cannot promise it’s not flawed, but it’ll get most of you most of the way.

Try with every ounce of your trying capabilities to get registered now. Take heed of the cancellation policies which seem less “bendy” than in the past.  Also I did sign away my third born (I have two) agreeing to all the rules and regulations and blah blah, so do me a solid and read the terms and conditions like you mean it.  

Feel free to ask questions and invite other families & friends who may not know the Ferry Beach experience.

~Maya Desai – Ferry Beach Coordinator

~Jen Reidy – First U Ferry Beach Coordinator (Please contact Maya or the church office if you need Jen’s email address)

PS, but kind of important:  This is hard to read but not as hard as it is to write.  With the support of you all who love Ferry Beach so much, Maya and Jen (and their supportive spouses) are announcing their retirement from this coordinating effort. In the past years registration has become easier and easier and we are confident there is a person or two who can take this on!! Join us this year for learning and take it over next year, with our support as needed. This is a great way to get to know folks at “The Other Church” and to help this tradition live on!! Reach out to one of us because you are interested.