Faith In Action – Side With Love Task Force News – Worcester Interfaith’s School of Prophetic Action Trainings

Worcester Interfaith’s School of Prophetic Action Trainings

When: Sunday, June 9th and 23rd between 2-6pm

Where: Carpenters Union Local 336, 29 Endicott St. Worcester, MA.

In Worcester Interfaith we are rebuilding our membership to be regular people of Worcester, working together to reclaim our power and change our city so it’s more liveable for us and our communities. As an organization our fight is for racial and economic justice. Our focus is people of color who are working class residents of Worcester. 

We are just beginning two campaigns, affordable housing and civic engagement. We may start other campaigns too if there is enough support. We need 10-15 people who are committed to work 8-10 hours a month to launch a campaign. Leaders run campaigns and engage in deep leadership development with organizing staff.

People can get involved by participating in the training and joining a campaign. The organizing work involves reflecting on and reclaiming our own power and leading our people to reclaim their power. We have one-on-one conversations and group conversations, and build campaigns from our relationships and life experiences.

This training series is module one of four. The first series is about why organizing relationships are important and how we build them to make change in Worcester. Later modules address power dynamics and campaign work. This is what we plan to address in module one this month:

Sunday June 9th 2-6pm

We will collectively ground ourselves in our own story, including what brought us into the room, what we want to see change in Worcester, and what those changes would be. We will start making agreements for how we want to engage with each other. We will have an introduction to the organizing cycle which is present in almost all cultures. We aim to give a language and structure through which we can approach our organizing with more clarity. We will explore a form of structured conversations that will help us to be intentional when we build power.

Sunday June 23rd 2-6pm

We will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of self-interest and building relationships. We will recognize the importance of inviting others into the work. We will have the opportunity to consider if we are ready to lead by listening to others.   

If you are interested in joining this training as a first step to joining Worcester Interfaith please contact Evan Wilson at  to discuss further.