Photos of the Week for May 7, 2024

Photo of the Week #1

May 5, 2024 was New Member Sunday. Participating in the New Member Ceremony were, from left, the Rev. Aaron Payson, Maria Juncos, James Egaña, Chloe Egaña, Cheyanne Martin, Katherine Powers and Willson Selzer. (photos by Betty Jenewin)

Photo of the Week #2

What a precious find today! A robin’s nest with three eggs is nestled in a juniper shrub in the Bird Sanctuary portion of the church gardens on May 5, 2024.

Photo of the Week #3

Cora plays the Prelude, “Sonata in C Major” by Bréval during the service on May 5, 2024.

Photo of the Week #4

May 5, 2024 was Potpourri Sunday. Here, Leo DaSilva leads a tour of the UUCW gardens. It was one of several sessions offered.

Photo of the Week #5

This photo from the UUCW archives takes us back to December 4, 2016, when Nancy Hancock held up an oversized coffee cup on which was written information from the Hospitality Team about hosting Coffee Hour. The 50/50 collection was split that day to help cover Coffee Hour expenses.