Photos of the Week for April 30, 2024

Photo of the Week #1

The choir and musicians perform “Comfort Me” during the service on Music Sunday, April 28, 2024. (photos by Betty Jenewin)

Photo of the Week #2

Music Director Matt Johnsen delivers the Reflection “Music is Life” on April 18, 2024, Music Sunday.

Photo of the Week #3

Dianne Mann, left, acknowledges Sue Neaz during the Joys and Concerns portion of the service on April 28, 2024. Sue and her husband are relocating to Western Mass.

Photo of the Week #4

Members of the Youth Group, youngsters and parents worked on the Playground Rejuvenation Project on the evening of April 28, 2024. Spearheaded by Jessie Trowbridge, and with assistance from the Religious Exploration families, the project has four phases. Here, Eisley, left, and Flora shovel sand under the swings in the “fall zone.”

Photo of the Week #5

This photo from the UUCW archives takes us back to the annual Youth Group Service in 2018. Clockwise, from upper left, are Nathan, Anamika, Carrick and Maggie. They are delivering their individual Reflections.