Goals For A New Year

by Melissa McKeon, Board of Management

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Each year, your board of management re-examines how we may best serve the interests of our church community, our staff and the many, many volunteers who keep the wheels turning here at UUCW.

As 2024 commences, these are the goals your board is pursuing and the questions we hope to answer to help make our community strong and sustainable.

Review our church bylaws: How can we update our bylaws to best carry out our mission and effectively manage church operations?

Create steps to achieve financial sustainability: How do we ensure financial sustainability for UUCW?

Re-establish working groups: How can we re-establish structures to coordinate the work of our congregation that promotes communication sharing, shared planning, and decision making?

Enhance church communications: How can we best leverage communication tools and platforms to better serve our current congregation and support new membership development?

Church staffing support: How can we best structure and monitor UUCW’s staff to support the congregation and their individual growth?

Member engagement: How do we establish structures that support friends and members to engage in existing congregational groups and to grow our capacity?

We welcome your feedback and your continuing efforts to support and grow our church community.

The UUCW Board of Management

Aaron Payson, Minister
Sheri Linn, President
Michelle Hernandez, Treasurer
Sue Neaz, Secretary
Vicki Cox-Lanyon
Cathy McDonagh
Melissa McKeon
Tom Pierce
Michaela Taylor-Clarke
Evan Wilson