2023 Holiday Shoe Box Project to benefit African Community Education of Worcester

Shoe Boxes, ACE kids, Holidays, UU.  What?

Here at UU, we continue our tradition of giving gifts to the refugee and immigrant children of ACE (African Community Education) in Worcester.  If you care to participate, here’s what to do in Fellowship Hall after any Sunday before Dec. 17.

1)  Go to the ACE table in Fellowship Hall starting Nov. 19. See you there. Choose an ACE child among the students on my list and sign your name next to your choice. My sheets contain the name, age, gender, grade and place of origin  of each child. You will walk away with a card bearing the same info as your choice.

2)  Fill the box (not much larger than our original shoe box), which you provide, with new gifts.

Write a note if you care to and place inside the box.  Wrap the box in holiday paper and write the name of your chosen child on top of the wrapped box. Please:  no candy, religious items or “violent” toys.  I will hand out a list of suggestions and a few world maps if anyone cares to have one.

Drop off dates in Fellowship Hall on Dec. 3, 10, and 17.

Thank you for  your good will and generosity.  See you in Fellowship Hall.

Pauline Courchesne,