Save the Dates! Ferry Beach Weekend Registration time is here! – September 15 – 17, 2023


Mark your calendars now for September 15-17, 2023.

Follow this link:

NEW FOR THIS YEAR!!  We are sharing with North Parish North Andover.  Approached by their coordinators, we drew them in so that they can enjoy a Ferry Beach Weekend like the rest of us.  I met their coordinators and it’s gonna be a great fit and a fun weekend!

WHAT THAT MEANS: Is that you cannot hesitate in registering particularly if you have a specific room or campsite in mind!  

WHAT IS FERRY BEACH?  Many of us begin the church year with a weekend of retreat, reunion, and reflection at Ferry Beach in Saco, Maine (  The weekend is open to everyone. We join together with friends from First Unitarian Church (and North Parish!) for beach walks, volleyball, time to rest, a talent show, and even a campfire! 

Note: The registration costs posted include the costs for one adult’s food.  Bear that in mind (as it threw me for a tiny loop).  Prices include dorm style accommodations, 4 meals, and activities. Camping is also available! We hope you’ll join us this year! Reach out to Ferry Beach directly with registration questions or to me with weekend questions.

~Maya Desai – Ferry Beach Coordinator

Ferry Beach Coordinator for UUCW and First U (along with Jen Reidy if you are First U person).