Temporary Church Cleaning Crew Wanted

As many of you know, Steve McNally, our Sexton of many years, retired this summer.  We have been grateful for the efforts of Davin McGrath to clean over the past few weeks.  The Board has authorized a search for a new Sexton which will begin in earnest this month.  Until a new Sexton is hired, Davin has agreed to continue cleaning a few hours a week.  We are also looking for a few good people to take responsibility for tidying up spaces in the church throughout the next few weeks.  Specifically we are looking for midweek efforts to maintain the kitchen, fellowship hall, classrooms, and bathrooms.  If you have an hour or two you’d be willing to provide to assist us in this endeavor, please reach out to the minister. ( / 508-963-5959)

Thank you!  
Rev. Aaron Payson