Photos of the Week for May 23, 2023

Photo of the Week #1

The Rev. Cheryl Leshay holds up the book “I Am This Abled” by Sam Gordon to show where the title of her sermon “Being “This-Abled”” came from. Rev. Leshay formulated this hybrid (online and in person) service for May 21, 2023. (photo by Betty Jenewin)

Photo of the Week #2

On May 20, 2023 the UUCW Men’s Group held a Bike Ride Outing on the Rutland Rail Trail. From left are Andy Hegedus, Kim McCoy, Evans Waldron and Dave Schowalter. (photo by Dave Schowalter)

Photo of the Week #3

In this undated photo from the UUCW archives, among those in attendance at church are Michael and Linda Holbrook, Sally Demetry and Wendy Innis. (photo by Tom Pierce)