Religious Exploration News for May 14, 2023

Please join us on May 14th 10am IN THE LOUNGE AREA for card and flower making. In honor of Mother’s Day, we are going to explore how we can be creative and  share love and thanks with those who care for us. Also, we strive to seek justice to make the world a better place.  As noted in our Soul Matter curriculum:

“One group of people seeking justice decided to create a new angle on Mother’s Day. They call it “Mama’s Day” to honor all the Mama’s in the world. They say that Mamahood is not all the same. There are Mamas in two Mama families, there are Mamas with all different kinds of skin color, there are Mama’s who work hard but don’t make much money, there are Mama’s who come from different countries, and more. Sometimes, these Mama’s are not a part of Mother’s Day in the U.S. Instead, the cards and commercials reinforce ideas of family and motherhood that narrowly define only one way to be a family. That’s why folks created “Mama’s Day”- to fight for the rights and recognition that all Mamas and families deserve.”

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