Photos of the Week for February 28, 2023

Photo of the Week #1

Board President Sheri Linn, left, and Clerk Kate Bejune get the Special Congregational Meeting started after the service on February 26, 2023. The vote, which passed, was on a new outdoor sign for the church. (photos by Betty Jenewin)

Photo of the Week #2

The Rev. David Miller, Minister Emeritus, conducted the service on February 26, 2023. He is shown here giving his Reflection, “When Abraham Went Out from Ur: Seeking the Promise in the Unknown.”

Photo of the Week #3

Beth Posner-Waldron holds up a sign as she speaks about the party on February 28, 2023 for the church’s Good Trouble Congregation Celebration. This was the Welcome part of the service on February 26, 2023.

Photo of the Week #4

Won’t you come to the All-Church Potluck Dinner on March 18th at 5:30? Vickie Cox-Lanyon, one of the organizers, and Sean Reynolds, who will be attending, wish you would too!

Photo of the Week #5

#uucwreads highlights the ways that books are part of our members’ and staff’s lives. ***WHAT THE BOARD IS READING*** Board of Management member Brian Keyo is reading ”Going After Cacciato” for his book club. The other book Brian is reading, “Two Kings,” was written by his good friend, Rich Lowe, after he put him in touch with George “King” Edwards in 2017. Says Brian, “With his younger brother Vin, George owned a sound system in Jamaica during the 1950s and 60s. The brothers collected and played American Rhythm & Blues records, at 78 rpm’s, by artists like Louis Jordan, Wynonie Harris and Rosco Gordon through large speakers for dances open to the public. “They made many trips to the United States to find records. They also produced music by Jamaican singers and musicians to play on their ‘King Edwards The Giant’ sound system. George and Vin are 94 and 90 respectively, and worked diligently with the author to tell fascinating tales of their lives in music and Vin’s work in horse racing and politics as a member of Parliament.”

Photo of the Week #6

This photo from the UUCW archives takes us back to May 15, 2016 when the choir sang early in the service. This service was the final one for Interim Music Director Jerry Bellows.

Photo of the Week #7

This photo from the UUCW archives takes us back to June 10, 2007 when Cristina Heffernan, left, and Barbara Cohen spoke during Religious Education Sunday.