Building Beloved Community:  Pledging

Dave Schowalter, Stewardship Team

This year’s pledge drive will be kicked off on Stewardship Sunday, March 5, 2023.  The stewardship theme this year is Building Beloved Community with equity, inclusion and diversity.  For many of us, the last three years have brought home how much work remains in our local society and wider country to eliminate racism, oppression, and unconscious bias.  It is easy for us to point fingers at political leaders and racist idealogues.  Perhaps it is more difficult to look within ourselves, our congregation and our other chosen communities to notice and identify subtler forms of oppression in which we may have unwittingly taken part. . 

This is what UUCW is undertaking with learning about, and voting  on the 8th Principle later this year.  Our Board, Staff, and Committees have the sensitivity and courage to bring this issue to us, the Members to choose our way forward, using the democratic process (5th principle).  Because we value asking questions here as well as answering them (4th principle),  it is important to consider how and whether to change.  It  is equally important to acknowledge and value the diversity we have, in gender, sexuality, religious background, age, physical ability, and economic circumstances.  How do we already create “beloved community” and what can we do to ensure that all are welcome here?  What do you do today to contribute your time, talent and treasure to this community, and how can you do that in a way that truly welcomes all?

Your Pledge to contribute financially to UUCW for the next church year enables the programs and operation of this community to exist, and is an investment in what it will become in the future.  

Please join us on Stewardship Sunday March 5th, keep your eyes open for this year’s Pledge Request, and consider all we can be when you decide on your pledge.


The Stewardship Team

Nancy Baffa
Moira Rouse
Dave Schowalter