Who? What?? – The Board of Management and Reviewing the Bylaws

Sheri Linn, President, Board of Management

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So, I know, you all have been asking yourselves, “Now that I know WHO is on the Board of Management (BOM), WHAT is it that the BOM does?” Am I right?

Well beloved, that can be a rather lengthy topic to chat about all at once. Let’s review our Bylaws to break it down a little bit.

If you check out our Bylaws the BOM has quite the list of things to do. I’m not kidding! Under the Bylaws of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester, Article VII, Section 8 Duties of the Board is a a-j objective list, which is quite an accomplishment for a committee that meets 10 times a year (according to our Bylaws).

If you haven’t picked up on my point yet, this year the BOM has committed to an informed Bylaw review. We’re really supposed to do this every even numbered year (according to our Bylaws) but, yeah, everyone’s life is a cluster.

This past month the BOM retreated to the church for hours of discussion concerning the governance of this congregation and the BOM’s relationship to the Bylaws. To be honest there are lots of perceptions amongst the Board and, I’m sure, the Members of this community have a thing or two to say as well. So we did what a BOM has to do; we voted to form a Bylaw Review Task Force. Tom Pierce and Bruce Lashay have agreed to Co-Chair this temporary committee and have been given the job of informing, educating, facilitating, discussing, and ultimately proposing a complete Bylaw review to be voted on by the church members at the 2024 Annual Meeting. Please let them know how you would like to help and keep an eye out for opportunities to learn, listen, speak and connect.

This WHO?WHAT?? Update is brought to you by the BOM’s reflection on Article VII, Section 8, h: “The Board shall ensure that these Bylaws are adhered to except those sections that are temporarily suspended by amendment” of the Bylaws of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester and respectfully submitted by Sheri Linn, Board of Management, President.