An 8th Principle Moment

Rev. Aaron Payson

Please Click the Flyer for more information on the 8th Principle Workshop

One of the visions of our congregation, articulated a decade ago is for “UUCW’s culture is open, welcoming, and inclusive.”  And one of the ways we identified whether we were achieving this vision is to “Broaden our experience of diversity, examining patterns of oppression and bias, and celebrate our expanding community.”  One of the questions is how to hold ourselces accountable to such a vision and path.  Enter, the 8th Principle, and the UUCW 8th Principle Taskforce. 

This Sunday, after church we welcome Paula Cole Jones back to our sanctuary to facilitate a workshop that will examine how we do what we said and continue to say what we want to do and be.  So this is my personal invitation to all members and friends to join us for this unique opportunity to reflect on how it is that we want to be as a liberal religious community and the ways in which we might achieve this vision in spectacular style.  Please join us for this important moment in the life of our community. 

Blessings, Aaron