#uucwreads – Rev. David Miller

#uucwreads highlights the ways that books are part of our members’ and staff’s lives. Because of its’ length, this post is running as a separate article.

The Rev. David Miller, Minister Emeritus, likes books that expand his intellectual horizons and lead him to new insights.

Two of the best for him in 2022 have been You Shall Not Bow Down and Serve Them and Covenant Economics, a Biblical Vision of Justice for All by Richard A. Horsley, which follows the language of covenant through the Pentateuch, the Gospels and the Pauline Letters.

Horsley argues that the biblical covenant was a charter for a community of people who owed no ultimate allegiance to any earthly ruler or tyrant and were dedicated to mutual support in concrete ways to ensure that no member of the community would be hungry, homeless, destitute, or enslaved. For 2023, David is looking forward to reading Lady Sapiens: Breaking Stereotypes about Prehistoric Women by Thomas Cirotteau, which is to be released on Feb. 21, 2023.