2022-2023 UUCW Adult Faith Development Survey

For many years adults who have witnessed to transformative process our youth undergo in the Coming of Age Program have often wondered why we don’t offer such an opportunity for adults. Others who hear of Aaron’s class in death & dying at Worcester State University wonder when he’s going to offer something similar at UUCW. In addition, with all the exciting ministries, dynamic history, and opportunities for personal and spiritual growth many long for ongoing opportunities to explore these many topics. We hear you!

Below, are brief descriptions of programs that are being proposed and developed for the 2022-2023 church year. If any or all of these opportunities are of interest to you please take a moment to indicate that interest in our 2022-2023 UUCW Adult Faith Development Survey.


Premise: As humans, we are always evolving in our life’s journey to come of age again and again.

Goal: To identify who and where you are in your life and to name it to your peers and community.

Logistics: Bi weekly, Wednesdays(evenings) beginning in October (12th??). Death and Dying Course w/ Aaron 6 weeks Jan-Feb (maybe Sunday pm?), Final COAA activities resume in spring.

Possible Activities: Journals, Who am I ?(north star) , Where is my passion? problem-solving (egg drop), masks (identity), Boston UU history tour, display and divulge, spiritual practice sharing retreat, What do I stand for? What do I believe? Peer mentors. Letters to self, backpacks and silent retreat, telling your story- council of peers or elders.

Final Retreat and Service: May 2023


Objectives: Define loss and recognize the losses that have affected participants at various points in their lives. Identify assumptions about loss and grieving and whether these make sense, given participants’ experiences, preferences, and understandings. Reexamine old losses. Identify UU theology and spiritual resources around loss, death, and dying. Clarify personal beliefs related to losses, dying, and death. Explore personal rituals to mark significant losses.

Logistics: (Sundays 3-4:30 pm) (Jan 8,15,22,29, Feb 5 & 26) – Invitation to join the RE Lessons in Loss field trips in March


Join members and friends for a year-long series of adult faith development conversations Sunday evenings from 7:00 – 8:30 pm (online). This series is meant to provide a regular opportunity for adult faith development for those newest and the most seasoned among us. Each session is meant to be “stand-alone” so participation can be on an as desired basis.

Series includes:

Sunday  9/25/22Inquirer’s Session 1: Q&A with Minister
Sunday 10/2/22Inquirer’s Session 2: UU History, Principles and Sources 
Sunday 10/9/22Inquirer’s Session 3: UUCW History
Sunday 10/16/22Inquirer’s Session 4: Faith Development for Children and Adults
Sunday 10/23/22Inquirer’s Session 5: Worship & Liturgical Year
Sunday 11/6/22Inquirer’s Session 6: Social Action & Community Service
Sunday 11/13/22Inquirer’s Session 7: Pastoral Care and Small Group Ministry
Sunday 11/20/22Inquirer’s Session 8: Membership 101 & Congregational Life
Sunday 12/11/22Roots: Unitarian Universalist Contributions to Christmas
Sunday, 1/8/23Beyond Inquirers – What do UU’s Believe?
Sunday, 1/15/23Beyond Inquirers – Is This a New Religion?
Sunday, 1/22/23Beyond Inquirers – How Do We Do Church?
Sunday, 1/29/23Beyond Inquirers – How Do we Live Our Values?
Sunday, 2/5/23Race – The Power of an Illusion – Part 1
Sunday, 2/12/23Race – The Power of an Illusion – Part 2
Sunday, 2/19/23Race – The Power of an Illusion – Part 3
Sunday, 2/26/23Wilderness Journey – Unitarian Universalism & The Black Empowerment Controversy
Sunday, 3/5/23UU History – Long Strange Trip – Pt 1
Sunday, 3/12/23UU History – Long Strange Trip – Pt. 2
Sunday, 3/19/23UU History – Long Strange Trip – Pt. 3
Sunday, 4/2/23Spirit of Life – Pt. 1
Sunday, 4/16/23Spirit of Life – Pt. 2
Sunday, 4/23/23Spirit of Life – Pt. 3
Sunday 5/7/23Spirit of Life – Pt. 4
Sunday 5/14/23Spirit of Life – Pt. 5
Sunday 5/21/23Spirit of Life – Pt. 6
Sunday, 6/4/23Spirit of Life – Pt. 7
Sunday, 6/11/23Spirit of Life – Pt. 8
Sunday, 6/18/23Spirit of Life – Pt. 9