Music in Fall 2022 – Calling all Past, Present, and Future Choristers!

We are beginning to rev up the adult choir for the year.  We will first perform early in October, and start preparing other pieces for future use.  Please join us now to start preparing for the upcoming few months, until our director is ready to rejoin us down the road a ways. A high point in our church year is our December Vespers Service. Even if you’re out straight still settling into your fall routines, maybe you might  plan to join us a little later in the fall for this musically wonderful and challenging service.

We will begin again on Thursday evening Sept. 22 in the sanctuary from 7 – 8 and again Sunday September 25 in the morning from 9 – 9:30.  Please join us with your always enthusiastic selves as well as ideas for future performances.  We have traditionally met every Thursday night and Sunday morning, and will continue the tradition, unless we have a strong leaning towards other times. Hope to see you there!  

Deb Bonneau, your humble acting choir director