The Yard Sale Was A Phenomenon Once Again!

I have always referred to the Yard Sale as a phenomenon and it was again this year!  It goes from an empty church to every inch of it covered in donations.  This year was our best one yet!!!  We raised $5300 and the money is still coming in.  A HUGE THANKS to all who participated – whether you brought donations, helped to organize the multitude of goodies, worked the day of the sale or helped to clean up – it is all greatly appreciated.  Special thanks to my co-chairs Janet Stone and Ruth Silver; to the room leaders – Peg Gifford and Chuck Innis, Dianne and Kim Mann, Sandra Ansaldi, Betty Jenewin, Susan Castaneda, Marilyn Martin, Carole Howe and the amazing Michele Hernandez who was creative and clever with the clothes.  And an extra thanks to Betty who raised our social media presence by 1000%.  Her daily updates and pictures were responsible for packing people in to buy all of our treasures.  The donations were remarkable this year and I greatly appreciate the quality!  It takes a village and UUCW really came through.  Finally, I know I said it was my last year but it was so much fun I agreed to chair it again next year.  Thank you to everyone for all that you did!