Photos of the Week for April 26, 2022

Photo of the Week #1

Welcome to dinner at Dismas House. For over 20 years our church has provided a dinner meal for the men and women of Dismas House, a home in which recently incarcerated individuals make the transition back into society. It’s a small but vital Social Justice action anyone can do to support the success of these individuals who deserve a second chance at life. Contact Peg Gifford, Ken Basye, Susan Crossley or Linda Rich – we need more volunteers. It’s the 1st Monday of the month. (photo by Betty Jenewin)

Photo of the Week #2

Music Director Rachel Wagner directs the choir in the Choral Meditation “Hymn to the Russian Earth” during the service on April 24, 2022. Rachel wrote the drone, “мир,” to go with the Hymn. It is the Russian word for peace and is pronounced “meer.” (Photo by Betty Jenewin)

Photo of the Week #3

Music Director Rachel Wagner wears a dress apropos to her calling on Sunday, April 17, 2022. The dress was a Christmas gift. (photo by Robin Mitzcavitch)

Photo of the Week #4

These photos from our UUCW archives take us back to circa 2006 when this group of youngsters posed with Kris Johnson, Staff Nursery Teacher. They are, from left, Josh, Conrad, Alanna and Charlie. Then, circa 2017-2018, out of sentimentality, the same young people reenacted the original photo. (2006 photo by Betty Jenewin; later photo by Rachel Keyo)

Photo of the Week #5

This photo from our UUCW archives takes us back to Ferry Beach in 2012 and, from left, Dave Schowalter, Rob Yauckoes (First U), and Beckley Schowalter. (photo courtesy of Ruth Silver)

Photo of the Week #6

There are some unique items to be had at our June 11, 2022 Yard Sale, like this beautiful Rocking Horse! It takes only 1 minute to change from a rocking horse to a rolling horse. Soft fur, and you can push each ear for the sound of trotting or a horse’s neigh. Barely used; mainly for photos. No smoking or pets in home. Almost new condition; there are some easily covered, minor scratches on the wheels. New: $199-$379 / Yard Sale price: $100. See you on June 11th!