Tending The Garden – Stewardship 2022

Jacob MacDonald, Artist

by The Stewardship Team

The soil has been turned over and fertilized, the seeds have been planted, and so we await our bounty.  But as gardeners know, this is just the beginning.  The hands-on work of weeding, irrigation, and pest management continues.  

We have sent the emails with pledge statements and solicitation, made announcements during services, but now comes the direct one-to-one interaction of talking to you about your concerns, dreams for the church, and making your pledge.  We are currently 60% of the way to our goal of $225,000 in pledges that will fund our building, our staff, and the vision for our beloved community.  The Board of Management is waiting for our results in order to build a budget for the next church year, so we need to finalize our results in the coming weeks.  So during this time, we will be reaching out to you by phone and email.  We look forward to connecting!

The Stewardship Team

Catherine Roberts
Moira Rouse
Dave Schowalter