Photos of the Week for February 22, 2022

Photo of the Week #1

It was Food Pantry weekend when, from left, Andy and Cheryl Labrecque took a pause from arranging all of the food that they had just helped pick up at the Worcester County Food Bank on February 18, 2022. They are original volunteers with the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry before it came to us at UUCW. They also help pack the bags on Friday evenings. Their help is invaluable! (photo by Denise Darrigrand)

Photo of the Week #2

This photo, courtesy of Carole Howe, was taken on March 2, 1969, when Carole gave a talk at church on Kentucky. Standing to Carole’s left are Shirley, Walter and Deb Irvine. There are corn shuck dolls arrayed on the table, as well as a dulcimer, fossils, books and rattlesnake rattlers (which are out of the frame). Carole worked for the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky.

Photo of the Week #3

This undated photo from the UUCW archives shows Maia, Stan Selkow and Isaac lighting the chalice at the beginning of a service. (photo by Judy Savage).