UUCW Immigrant Assistance Team – Afghan Refugee Update

An Afghan man holds a young child in a child carrier followed by a number of other refugees.

Over the past several weeks, Marilyn Martin and Dianne Mann have been meeting with a group of area Churches and Ascentria to determine how to help an Afghan family resettle in our area.  Ascentria is the largest resettlement agency in the area and is set to receive the largest group of immigrants. There are approximately 60,000 Afghans on U.S. soil living on military bases until they are resettled.  Ascentria is setting up Neighborhood Settlement Teams (NST)  in order to help transition as many folks as possible.  Each NST will need approximately 20 – 30 people, raise $8,000 – $12,000 for the family, provide transportation, help sign up for benefits, secure housing, food, etc.  Due to the size of this request, we will be joining other Churches to form an NST.  The Churches in our NST are Immanuel Lutheran of Holden, Emmanuel Lutheran of Worcester, Beth Israel and us.  This is a great opportunity for interfaith work and we are looking forward to it.

If you are interested in learning more about our work, want to help, etc., contact:  .