Touchstones Small Group Ministry – Tuesday, October 19, 6:30 – 8:30, The Lounge or on Zoom

stones with words - wisdom, connection, unity, justice, love


You should join the Small Group Ministry, if you want to explore our expansive Unitarian Universalist theology, and learn more about the ideas of many of the greatest thinkers involved in the World Religions, Unitarian Universalism draws from, and if you strive to increase your self-knowledge, and to improve yourself, and grow Spiritually. If you are such a Person, then The Small Group Ministry is an opportunity for you to increase your spiritual growth by learning other people’s ideas and experiences, which can greatly increase your perspective, and lead to more understanding and improvement than being on your own. 

The next UUCW Small Group Ministry Meeting, will be on Tues. 10/19, from 630 to 830 pm, in Meeting Room 1 (across from Aaron’s office), and through Zoom.  

Please click the Touchstone Link here to accesses, this Month’s Touchstones Journal.  We use the Small Group Discussion Guide, on the last page of the Journal, to guide our Meetings. Before the Meeting, if you wish to, you can go through the Guide and review the Readings and Discussion Questions listed there, feel free to read as little or as much of this material as you want to.

Please R.S.V.P by emailing: williamderr at hotmail dot com