Breaking News: Religious Exploration Repairs the World!

by Robin Mitzcavitch, Director of Religious Exploration & Education

The headline may make you smile, or at least feel curious. It’s not fake news or a tabloid tease. “Repairing the World” is our UUCW theme this year and the Religious Exploration program is taking it on!

How, you ask?  How can one small group of people repair our troubled world? It seems like a tall order, and maybe it is. The way I have experienced my time with the children, youth, and families of our community compels me to feel differently. Energy is key, and when we gather, there is enough of that energy to set goals into actions. Every intention, idea, goal, and action, no matter how organic or “grass roots”,  is enough. 

I am not a builder, but I am a quilter. If you have ever studied a complex quilt, it may appear like an impossible feat to put one together. I feel like that when I am looking at a house under construction. But it all begins with an intention, a goal, and then a plan. The action is a step by step process that may seem unwieldy at the onset: one shape of a cut piece of fabric sewn to another. Then you repeat, and maybe more hands join in.  Your plan begins to take shape- and that is inspiring! You move forward with greater enthusiasm and speed. Folks show up to join in because they are intrigued.  And guess what?  Even if your intention or goal falls short, or looks crooked, you know you’ve begun to learn something. With encouragement and support, you move ahead.

There are numerous paths that we can take toward the intention of repairing our world.  In our Religious Exploration program, we strive to empower our children and youth to explore the ways with monthly focus themes. Using our Unitarian Universalist values, principles and sources; we will open up doors for our program participants to discover.

Reason, Reverence, Non-Violence, Healing, Renewal, Power, Balance, Reflection, Courage. How do we heal the world and why should we? What do we need to protect and how can we do it as we walk peacefully? How can we help others who suffer, while we ensure we are in balance, taking care of our own mental and physical health? How can we bravely speak up for what we believe and try new things? How do we evaluate and reflect on our impact in the world?

We have wonderful stories, hands-on activities, and discussion tools to engage all ages. We have a unique, brilliant, and diverse community of children and youth who bring their hearts, interests and talents to share every week.  We learn from these fine young people as much as they grow with us.  

We will begin this Sunday, September 19th at 9:55 AM (gathering at our front tent.) We are committed to meeting outside whenever possible, having a great yard space and a large tented area to use. When we need to meet inside, we will mask up and meet in Fellowship Hall, to give ample space to all, and ensure smaller breakout groups if needed.

As part of our program, we encourage all families to be involved by reading our weekly RE News, volunteering to assist using our SIGN UP Genius, assisting with Coffee Hour a few times per year, and suggesting ways you can share your “repairing the world” experience and talents!  The best way to be a part of the program is to allow your children and youth to show up and participate and also to spread the word to friends and neighbors. We have found that having a regular commitment to an activity, where children and youth can depend to see their community every week, is the most rewarding way to be together.  It is also a magical way to repair the world.

With Great Love and Intention,